Dobra administracja - Administracja Pod Kontrolą
Dobra administracja - Administracja Pod Kontrolą

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Please find below the video of the lecture’s portion given by Zbigniew Cieślak, Professor, on mechanisms of efficient operations of public administration. The speech was made on the first session of the School of Leaders, operating within the program Administration Under Control.

If you intend to learn on:

  • what are mechanisms of efficient administration operations,
  • when administration is inefficient,
  • what are possible behaviors of the state administration,

Click the video below and get to know how the administration can act properly.

Zbigniew Cieślak – PhD in Legal Sciences, University Professor, Chair of the Science Department of Administration and Environmental Protection, Faculty of Law and Administration, University Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński, Judge of the Constitutional Tribunal, author and research supervisor of the Warsaw Seminary of Administration Axiology, member of the State Electoral Commission, member of the editorial board in “State Control”, deputy editor-in-chief “Public Law Quarterly”.The School of Leaders covers 6 weekend trainings held in Warsaw, allowing the users for taking part in lectures and workshops on law and soft skills as well mentoring sessions. The participation in The School of Leaders is free of charge and organizers provide educational materials, board and accommodation at all sessions.

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